Another ECD Graduation!

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2023 ECD Business Training

We are proud to announce another round of graduations from our partnership in ECD (Early Childhood Development) business training. 

Since 2020 we have provided funding for this accredited training. Through our funding Sesego Foundation delivered training programs in Alexandra and Soweto Townships. In 2023 we expanded to Mathibestat Township with funding from Charlottetown Rotary Club in Canada.

The 50 participants in our 2023 program attained NQF (National Qualifications Framework) Level 5 accreditation. This qualification allows ECD centres to apply for government funding on a per student basis.

The impact reaches much further though and the whole community benefits. While the skills help the ECD centres run better, accreditation secure predictable income. Parents benefit too with affordable childcare (essential to find and keep employment). Finally, children gain a predictable and quality educational experience with their peers.

The Townships Project looks forward to working with our partners on this successful project again in 2024. 

Congratulations to the graduates!

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