World Cup Unifying South Africa

South Africa’s hosting of the FIFA World Cup has brought a great unifying vibe to the country. The feeling of hope there is incredible, despite 20 million subsisting on $2 a day or less. We are working to keep that spirit alive in the township communities around Cape Town by directly supporting Tetla Financial Solutions. Tetla, founded and run by South Africa’s Yvonne Radinku, is the only group micro-lender in the Cape Town area. Since 2007, Tetla has been offering tiny loans to poor women to start or expand their small businesses. Every $50 donated changes a life, and brings hope of a better future to the poorest South Africans.

This inspiring presentation was South Africa’s instant response to being knocked out of the World Cup running:  SA – It Does Not Matter.  It springs from a hopeful place, and shows the kind of spirit that can drive Tetla’s clients to pull themselves out of poverty.

Click here to view the powerpoint

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