The Townships Project A Canadian non-profit jumpstarting business in South
African townships through microlending, microfranchising
and asset based community development.
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In 2008, Women in Mining, Toronto and Vancouver branches, took on the challenge of raising funds for The Townships Project.

They raised over $100,000!

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20 April 2009


YOU have raised $100,210 to date!

A huge THANK YOU to Women in Mining, Toronto and Vancouver branches, from The Townships Project for your support in your campaign on our behalf, officially launched in December 2008.

We invite all Women in Mining to join us for a special “thank you” recognition for your efforts at Lend to End [poverty] ( on Thursday, 14 May 2009, at Alice Fazooli’s at 294 Adelaide Street West in Toronto, from 5:30 – 9:30 p.m.  Tickets are available on line.

We will be making a special thank you presentation at that time to your leaders in the campaign: Lynda Bloom, Pres and CEO, Halo Resources; Cathy Hume, CEO, CHF Investor Relations; Beth Kirkwood, Mountain Province Diamonds; Jane Werniuk in Toronto and Barbara Caelles in Vancouver.  All have put in a huge effort and have generated a very positive result both for Women in Mining’s profile and for The Townships Project’s bank balance.

Homeland Energy Group Ltd., our Bedrock Donor, introduced to us through Cathy Hume, has contributed Rand 400,000 (representing more than $50,000 at today’s exchange rates) to our partner in Cape Town, South Africa, Tetla Financial Solutions.  Mining Moguls Frank Giustra and Eric Sprott have each donated $10,000 through their foundations, bringing our large gift total to $70,000.  In addition, the individuals and companies listed at the end of this letter all contributed to the final tally of $100,210.

Thanks to Lynda Bloom for dreaming up and following through on the “Meet the Mining Moguls Competition”, which generated a lot of interest in the industry and the national press, resulting in articles in The National Post (thank you Diane Francis), The Globe and Mail (thank you Patricia Best) and The Northern Miner (thank you Vivian Danielson).  Thanks also to Mining Industry TV (Bal Brach) and InfoMine and magazine (Sahar Pakzad) for their coverage.

Thanks to all of you who volunteered in the WIM booths at the Cambridge Resource Conference and Roundup in Vancouver and at the PDAC in Toronto.  Thanks to Catharine Shaw and those at Golder Associates who gave us booth space.

There were over 100 individuals who volunteered in some capacity for this fundraising effort.  I enjoyed meeting all of you: it made me proud to be a Canadian woman!  You are a professional and very caring group. I thank you from the bottom of my heart on behalf of those South African women whose lives you have changed by your efforts.  $100,000 will change 2000 lives forever – a fantastic result.

Microcredit has emerged as one of the world’s foremost poverty fighting tools.  It provides business loans, which create the capacity for repayment, and provide an escape from poverty and despair.  Africa is the world’s poorest continent in per capita income, but the richest in natural resources.  Africa desperately needs a stable South Africa. The Townships Project focuses on South Africa, particularly the 40% of its population subsisting on $2 a day or less.  It provides the seed capital required to form and strengthen the microfinance institutions which provide these critical business loans, more than 98% of them to women.  You can and you have made a difference.  Thank you!

F. Martha Deacon
Founder and CEO
The Townships Project
On behalf of the Board of Directors
(416) 925-6959


Individuals and companies who made a monetary contribution to this campaign in addition to Homeland Energy Group Ltd., Frank Giustra and Eric Sprott:

Agnico-EagleMines Ltd.
Agviro Inc.
Nean Allman
Dina M. Aloi
Kate Armstrong
John Aronson
Eileen Au
E. Max Baker
Judith Baker
Andrew Barrett
Barrick Gold Corporation
Mary Batoff
Catherine Beckett
Cameron Bell
Lynda Bloom
Leon Botham
Renee D. Brickner
Eric Brown
Robert Bryce
Barbara Caelles
Lucy Casacia
Robert Chafee
Kathy Chapman
Karen Charpentier
Jenny Chu Steinberg
Brenda Dalglish
Jaimie Donovan
Janne Duncan
Lana E. Eagle
Nancy Eastman
Harvey Eisenstadt
Carla Eisnor
Dorota El-Rassi
Exeter Resource Corporation
FNX Mining Company Inc.
Veronique Falmagne
Graham Farquharson
Alicia Ferdinand
Christopher Ferguson
Joan Fiset
Briar Foster
Patrice Gilbert
Lorraine Godwin
Nancy Helen Goertzen
Tracey Jean Goldberg
Neil Gow
Ashleigh Graham
Mari-Ann Green
Louise Grondin
Jodi Hackett
Anne M. Hartingh
Virginia Hefferman
Knox Henderson
Ingrid Hibbard
Douglas Hickey
Kathy Hill
Ruth N. Hull
Cathy Hume
IAMGOLD Corporation
Hanaae M. Ibrahim
Tania Illieva
Larry Jacobsen
Alan Kelcey
Khan Resources Inc.
Beth Kirkwood
Ute Koessler
Mary Kyd
Marc H. Legault
Heidi Levitt
Bing Louang
Jean Lucas
Catherine Ann Macdonald
Claudio Mancuso
Deborah A. McCombe
Steve Meldrum
Chris Merritt
Patty Moore
Mountain Province Diamonds Inc.
Donna McPherson
Glenn Mullan
Kelly D. Murumets
Melissa Newell
Rowland Nichol
Ontario Mining Association
Tom Paddon
Jo-Ann Paquet
Cathy Pitman
Carol Plummer
Tracy Porter
Glenys Prince
Daniel Racine
Nasreen Razvi
Kathryn Ann Richard
Robertson Geoconsultants Inc.
Eberhard Scherkus
Afifa Siddiqui
Cathie Simon
David Smith
Daniele Spethmann
Wilf Stefan
Janet Stovel
Travis J. Streb
Karen Sutherland
Andrew Swarthout
Elizabeth Tadgell
Andre Tanguay
Ed Thompson
Jennifer Tompson
Michael L. Timmins
Trace-It Blasting Accessories & Services Inc.
Toni Wallis
Watts Griffis and McOuat Limited
Jane Werniuk
Brenda Woo
Flora Wood
Elizabeth Zbinden
Emma Leith

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